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BTU International is a market-leading, global supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment to the electronics manufacturing and alternative energy generation markets. BTU equipment is used in the production of printed circuit board assemblies and semiconductor packaging as well as in solar cell, nuclear fuel and fuel cell manufacturing.

Hybrid Technologies

fastfire Fast Fire Radiant Heat Furnace System

For manufacturing thick film circuits, passive components, precision resistors, component termination and many other applications, Fast Fire furnaces provide reduced power usage by allowing for rapid heating and cooling between use. These systems provide excellent atmosphere flow for binder removal in thick film sintering, along with precision temperature control. In addition to the standard air atmosphere configuration, Fast Fire is also available for nitrogen processing with an option that allows for inert atmosphere operation. For cost-effective high temperature processing in air, Fast Fire is the choice.

  • 1050 °C Maximum Temperature: Fast Fire incorporates materials and components that provide reliable high temperature operation, with +/- 2 °C uniformity.
  • Independent Over Temperature Control: Over Temperature control shuts down the furnace down if setpoints are exceeded, ensuring protection of furnace components and product.
  • Closed Loop Belt Speed Control: Allows for +/- 0.01% accuracy to guarantee proper times at temperature for demanding processes requiring tight profile control.
  • WINCON Control Software: Windows-based operating software provides user-friendly control, advanced profiling and data collection.
  • Voltage: 208-240 VAC Standard. Additional voltage configurations available upon request.

Controlled Atmosphere Furnace

Quality, consistency and control. That’s what you can expect from the BTU Controlled Atmosphere Furnace. Specifically designed to meet wafer-level packaging demands, the TCAS is configured to meet exact process requirements. Available for nitrogen or hydrogen processing or a mixture of both, the TCAS delivers excellent atmosphere purity, high throughput and flux-free continuous processing. The end result is superior efficiency, superior performance, and superior thermal uniformity. So take advantage of the TCAS – and take your wafer bump reflow process to the next level.

  • Flexible Configurations: Zone lengths and gas barrier positions can be optimized for precise control over one thermal profile or maximum flexibility for multiple profiles.
  • 600 °C Maximum Temperature: Provides the most flexibility for processing eutectic, lead-free, and high lead solders all in one system.
  • Standard Packaging Configuraton: Achieves O2 levels down to 2ppm, reducing the likelihood of bad solder joints by preventing oxidation.




For higher throughput and increased flexibility, look no further than BTU’s Pyramax series of reflow ovens. Equipped for all packaging applications from flip-chip attach to wafer bump reflow for lead or lead-free solders, Pyramax is the ultimate packaging solution. Its precise atmosphere, tight thermal control, and patented Flux Management System deliver high yields with unparalleled ease of maintenance. Best of all, Pyramax carries the BTU name, ensuring industry-leading thermal performance and reliability. When it comes to convection reflow, nothing is more versatile. Nothing performs like Pyramax.

  • Flux Management: Patented system reduces scheduled downtime by internally trapping flux and allowing cleaning "on the fly" – while the oven is running.
  • Standard Packaging Configuration: N2 atmosphere and optimized process chamber enable O2 levels down to 3ppm, preventing oxidation and ensuring good solder joints and bumps.
  • High Powered Heaters: 5kW heaters allow Pyramax to maintain effective heating even at high throughput.
  • Forced Impingement Convection: BTU's patented forced impingement technology with side-to-side gas recirculation ensures maximum temperature uniformity.

Solar Industry

In-line Diffussion Furnace

BTU’s quartz lined furnaces have been optimized for phosphorus diffusion, in-line processing of solar cells. Our unique fused quartz lined process chamber design, thermal uniformity and atmosphere control, combine into a high throughput, in-line solution. The quartz lining creates a metal-free processing tunnel design which eliminates the reaction with phosphoric acid. The systems come in two conveyor belt widths and varying heating lengths to meet the throughput requirements for today’s in-line processing. Belt widths include 20 in. (508 mm) and 36 in. (914 mm).

  • Quartz Lined Process Chamber
  • Precision Atmosphere Flow Control
  • Pre-Heated Gas Inlets
  • Controlled Water Cooling
  • Left, Center, Right Heater Trim Control
  • WINCON Multi-Language Control Software
  • Heated Exhaust with Condensation Traps
  • Light Tower



Contact Firing Furnace

BTU offers an entire line of contact drying/firing furnaces. This product line is inspired by BTU’s recent product line acquisition from Radiant Technology Corporation (RTC). BTU has combined its engineering expertise with the knowledge gained from the 35 years of experience and know-how from RTC into this Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) line of furnaces. Specifically designed for solar cell applications such as contact drying/firing and metallization.

  • BTU WINCON Control Software
  • BTU Intellimax Controller
  • Redundant Over-temperature Protection
  • Element Monitoring
  • On-board Profiling
  • Panel Safety Interlocks
  • Process Ready/Not Ready Light Tower
  • Multi-language Software

For orders/more information about these or other BTU products, please contact:

Bryan Burton
Tel: +49-89-82 99 89-24
Fax: +49-89-82 99 89-99