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Heraeus Noblelight

Heraeus Noblelight Ltd, the precious metals and technology group, is a global, private company active in the businesses of precious metals, sensors, dental health, quartz glass, and specialty lighting sources. The business of the company is the production and trading of precious materials and the engagement in activities related to complex materials technology. The success of the company is founded on a stable economic base, effective, service-oriented partnerships with customers, the continuous pursuit of market leadership in specialty markets, uncompromising commitment to quality and highly qualified employees.

Laser Lamps

lampHeraeus laser lamps are manufactured in Cambridge/ UK. The automated lamp production lines are unique in the laser lamp industry and provide leading lamp-to-lamp stability and lifetime for both CW and pulse lamps. Heraeus keeps exploring new ways to improve laser lamp performance with research institutes and, most importantly, the customers.

Heraeus Noblelight products include:

  • CW (Continuous Wave) Lamps

  • Pulse Lamps

  • IPL Lamps

  • Trigger Transformers

For orders/more information about these or other Heraeus Noblelight products, please contact:

Markus Leitner
Tel: +49-89-82 99 89-14
Fax: +49-89-82 99 89-99