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Spire Corporation has been manufacturing solar energy equipment since 1980 — longer than any other company — and this experience enables Spire to lead the market in technology and innovations. Spire pioneered the solar manufacturing equipment industry and continues to be the number one choice of more than 90% of the photovoltaic module manufacturing companies around the world. Spire Solar provides all the production equipment, materials, technology and support to put customers in the photovoltaic manufacturing business and keep them there.

Solar Industry

Spire SimulatorSPI-SUN SIMULATOR - Photovoltaic Modules Tester

SPI-SUN SIMULATOR photovoltaic module testing systems feature light sources that closely match the solar spectrum while avoiding the excessive solar cell heating caused by continuous sources. Spire's simulators can test either crystalline or thin film modules and can be integrated into your fully-automated module production line, or operated in manual mode. In automatic mode, a programmed process sequence provides consistent module testing and offers automated loading and unloading of modules. In manual mode, the controls can be operated as desired. SPI-SUN SIMULATOR Series support modules up to 200x137 cm.

  • Single-pulse and long-pulse simulation are combined in a single system
  • Class AAA performance
  • Accurate fill factor regardless of cell type
  • Reduces handling requirements of high throughput

SPI-LAMINATOR - Automated Solar Module Laminator

Spire offers automated photovoltaic laminators that produce modules up to 180 cm x 340 cm. These laminators bond multiple layers of materials together with thermoplastic or thermosetting films, such as ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) polymer. The processing chamber of each laminator has temperature, vacuum and atmospheric pressure capabilities, which are independently controlled to provide optimum processing conditions for particular materials and configurations including laminating glass superstrate, double glass, substrate, or flexible modules. Spire's automated laminators can be integrated into your fully-automated module production line, or operated in manual mode.

  • The diaphragm sheet can be easily replaced thanks to a unique, quick-release clamping system.
  • Four cylinders and an inverter-controlled motor lift the upper chamber horizontally, allowing quick solar module loading and unloading in automatic mode.
  • Touch-screen operation allows quick set-up.
  • Teflon-coated heating platens and release sheet extend diaphragm life.
  • The laminator lower belt conveyor transfers solar modules smoothly.
  • Brush unit automatically cleans excess EVA on transfer belt.
  • Standard features include loading and unloading conveyors, noise reduction box, and vacuum pump.

Spire Laminator

 SPI-LINE - Turnkey Module Production

Utilizing our manufacturing equipment and technological expertise, Spire offers assembly lines for building integrated or facade modules. Automation and transfer systems are included to handle large-area modules. SPI-LINE Module Production Lines can be purchased for annual productions ranging from 5 megawatts to 100 megawatts.

Spire ensures its customers uninterrupted production by also supplying module materials. Materials include solar cells, laminating materials, glass, and other necessary components needed to produce high quality PV modules.

Spire's production lines are fully supported by process technology, spare parts, training, field service, extended equipment warranty and optional service contracts. Complete training in process technology, installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting is included. Spire's Customer Satisfaction Group maintains ongoing business relationships with its customers and provides worldwide customer service with rapid response times.

SPI-LINE - Turnkey Cell & Wafer Production

Spire provides state of the art SPI-LINE production lines for the manufacture of silicon wafers and solar cells. Spire's team of experts in automation, manufacturing processes, and engineering work closely with customers to develop optimal production lines to meet their technology and business goals.


For orders/more information about these or other Spire products, please contact:

Henry Stenger
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