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Press release

Succession solution for EPP Electronic Production Partners GmbH

Gräfelfing / Krailling (Germany), November 8, 2019

EPP, a high-tech systems supplier in the electronics industry, is stepping into the future and setting up the succession of its current owners early on. They found the ideal buyer – Photonics Systems Group, a leading manufacturer of micro-materials processing laser machines. With this takeover, Photonics Systems Group is strengthening its operations in the electronics industry and laying the foundation for further growth.


EPP was founded by Jeri and Henry Stenger over 30 years ago. Bryan Burton joined the company in 2000. Together, they have ensured EPP’s steady growth and built an excellent reputation with customers as a customer-focused, reliable, and innovative partner. “With our move to sell EPP, we are protecting the future of our company in advance and ensuring that the existing jobs will stay in place in the long run,” says Bryan Burton. Continuity will be assured, with Jeri Stenger and Bryan Burton staying on board in their same operational roles.

EPP fits perfectly into Photonics Systems Group as the group is aiming to further strengthen and expand its activities in electronics. Markus Nicht, the group's CEO, is pleased to see the new company joining his group: “EPP has an excellent understanding of customers and outstanding expertise in trimmer applications. The acquisition will allow us to offer our customers even better products and service. Moreover, all of the group companies have their roots in Munich and share similar cultures and values.”

Strengthening distribution and service as a must for further growth

Photonics Systems Group will leverage the acquisition to specifically strengthen distribution, service, and applications – all of which are core areas of EPP's expertise. This will lay the groundwork required for the group’s further growth in the electronics industry. In addition, the acquisition will make it possible to attend to long-time customers even better and provide them with new, innovative products in the future. The closing of the transaction is expected for the end of November.

The owners are seeking above-average growth rates in the coming years for the entire group. Growth is to be achieved both organically and through further add-on investments. Photonics Systems Group aims to create more jobs in the years ahead through its expansion.


For additional information, please contact:

EPP Electronic Production Partners GmbH

Bryan Burton
T: +49 89 8299 89 24

Markus Nicht

T: +49 89 8105 9168 1001

About EPP Electronic Production Partners GmbH

Headquartered in Gräfelfing, Germany, EPP supplies high-tech products for the electronics industry. The company was founded in 1987 and over the past decades, it has built a reputation with customers as a customer-focused, reliable, and innovative partner. EPP’s core activities focus on distributing and servicing laser trimmers, furnaces, and optical inspection systems, with customer-tailored modifications, automation, and software upgrades generating added value.

About Photonics Systems Group

Photonics Systems Group is a leader in laser processing of micro-materials. The group, whose core companies are InnoLas Solutions GmbH and LS Laser Systems GmbH, designs and produces customized machines and processing systems for high-precision laser applications in the photovoltaic, electronics and semiconductor industry alongside precision engineering. It supplies renowned, globally active customers in the core markets Europe, the US, and Asia. The group has over 100 employees working at its group headquarters in Krailling, Germany, as well as in the US and at several sites in Asia.

November 8, 2019