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Thick Film metallization is a process used to construct electrical circuits onto ceramic or metal substrates for automotive electronics, microelectronics packaging, resistive heaters, and passive circuit applications. In the process, a series of metal traces and up to 35 dielectric layers are created on the substrate using sintering and drying processes.

For manufacturing thick film circuits, passive components, precision resistors, component termination and many other applications, BTU offers the Fast Fire radiant heat furnace system.

Fast fire furnaces provide reduced power usage by allowing for rapid heating and cooling between use. These systems provide excellent atmosphere flow for binder removal in thick film sintering, along with precision temperature control. In addition to the standard air atmosphere configuration, Fast Fire is also available for nitrogen processing with an option that allows for inert atmosphere operation. For cost-effective high temperature processing in air, Fast Fire is the choice.  The Fast Fire furnace features BTU’s proprietary WINCON control system. WINCON features a simplified user interface and incredibly powerful analytical capabilities.

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